Uniting people for a cause

Genetic Pharmaceuticals is continuously seeking opportunities to deliver on our commitment to serve communities. Throughout our entire journey, we have offered numerous sustainable healthcare solutions, and collaborated with non-profit organizations to assist people in times of calamity. Unnerving support for disaster relief and humanitarian work is an integral part of our contribution to society.

Support for flood victims in Pakistan

Partnership between Genetics Pharmaceuticals and The Alkhidmat Foundation for Flood Relief

In 2022, Pakistan was affected by the most catastrophic floods, displacing around 33 million people from their homes, and damaging an estimated 3.6 acres of cultivated land. For flood relief efforts, Genetics partnered up with The Alkhidmat Foundation by donating medicines and offering healthcare services in Sindh, Balochistan and KP. The Alkhidmat Foundation is one of the leading nonprofit organization in Pakistan, and has provided humanitarian services since 1990. The Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony was held at Alkhidmat Complex, Lahore.