Our Approach To Business Development

Formulating A Growth Strategy

Through extensive market analysis and opportunity identification, we establish the trajectory of Genetics. This enables us to recognize promising growth areas critical to achieve long-term success.

Forming New Alliances

We strive to be a partner of choice, and present an optimistic approach for each agreement. Strategic partnerships and lucrative collaborations with key stakeholders facilitate us in attaining advanced solutions and shared resources to accelerate our research and development initiatives.

Diversify And Expand Our Product Portfolio

Including a wider range of quality products is essential for a company to develop into a reputable brand. At Genetics, we leverage licensing opportunities and acquisitions to expand our product portfolio, and address a variety of therapeutic areas to meet diverse medical needs.

Integrate Innovative Technologies

We have evolved gradually, but profoundly by integrating cutting-edge technologies and innovative collaborations in our business to fulfill present requirements of patients and healthcare professionals.

Research and development

Applying science and technology to accelerate progress in healthcare

Driven by our passion to innovate, and discover new treatments and cures, we invest significantly in research and development. Our employees then gain a greater insight on diseases, and a better prowess on latest scientific developments, leading to remarkable advancements in producing lifesaving drugs for the most complex ailments. Being receptive to novel ideas, and encouraging the urge to create, explore, discover, and improve is at the core of what we do. Together, with the power of modern science, extensive research, advanced technology, along with great partnerships, we create new value for Genetics.

What we do:

  • Respond swiftly to national and global healthcare emergencies by adopting innovative solutions.
  • Develop highly potent API with novel release patterns, in particular, controlled release, delayed release, enteric release and immediate drug delivery.
  • Research for products with efficient drug absorption technology is currently in the pipeline.
  • Instill sustainability in our science through incorporating access and affordability in innovative, life-changing health technologies and products.


Our dedicated Regulatory Affairs team supports products from early pipeline development. We optimize access to our medicines through regulatory strategies, and commit to patient, quality, safety and compliance. Our experts have a strong liaison with various healthcare authorities that assists in commercialization and registration of our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. An approval from our regulatory body becomes a decisive factor for a product to be successfully launched in the market. We aim to be market leaders in regulatory and safety science through innovation, integration, and ingenuity.